Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well its now new news now but its been a tough time for GenX according to the news. My generation lost 2 idols the last couple of days.

Farrah Fawcett was the idol of idols for boys my age many years ago in the United States. I do not know any boy growing up who didn`t have a major crush on her. She was indeed the girl that started all the dreaming for me and my friends. Growing older we didn`t see her as much on TV. But she was still in the minds of all the guys the way she appeared in this famous poster.
I have had many girls since growing up ask me what type of girl I liked. Well the answer was simple... someone like her! She died of cancer the day before Michael Jackson.

Then MJ. What can I say. I was never a huge fan but he did have the moves and the talent thats for sure. He had a few songs that I really liked and I always respected him for his talent. Truely incredible. I saw him and the Jackson 5 many years ago at Disneyland in California. Well as you know he has changed a lot since then. I almost feel sorry for him as he really didn`t have family close by and never was really able to enjoy just being out. Everywhere he went he was mobbed. Maybe he liked it I don`t know. But I do know the past 10 years was a disaster for him. Furthermore, he seemed to lose his identity behind the man in the mirror.... or all the plastic surgery. At any rate... its a different world without him and sorry to see him go.

So yea I guess my generation lost a couple of stars. But they were both way too young thats for sure. But I know they will not be forgotton anytime soon either.

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