Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here we are near the end of Feburary. Wow unreal!! Its been really busy for me getting my house fixed from the wind storm we had. My roof has been replaced and now my siding is almost completed. After that I have a couple of windows that need to be replaced and finally I may be back to normal....

I forgot how windy Utah can get sometimes. Its not always windy but we will have wind storms that come once in a while and when the wind comes its pretty strong. Much like a typhoon or something. The winter has been very mild. We do not have much snow here where I live but up in the mountains we have a lot.

Well the Superbowl was played a couple of weeks ago and as usual there was some great TV commercials. Here are a couple of my favorites.... Check them out..

This one is a kind of a remake from one of my favorite movies "Ferris Buellers Day Off".

Here is another one that I thought was really funny. This kid thinks his parents bought him a new car for his gradutation. But they really bought him a refridgerator. At the end him and his friends are yelling "best gift ever... best gift ever.. "

Well those were a couple of my favorites. In other news... last week I took Bee-Bee my dog for a drive and to take some pictures. It was bad weather actually but was able to catch some pictures of some seagulls...

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Mary Martin said...

Well, you deserved to a have a little rest after a busy day of roofing and siding repairs. Good thing you finished early, since windy days are a bit unexpected. As for the Super Bowl commercials, it's no wonder millions like watching those ads every year.