Sunday, October 21, 2012

OCTOBER!! Possibly my favorite month of the year... I love autumn and I love the food and sports and weather in autumn. So I think October is the best month to be alive.....

The leafs in Utah have now changed and actually we are expecting our first snow storm next week...Here is what my area looks like now.

View of the mountain behind my house.
This a little drive about 10 minutes from my house. I live at the base of the mountains.
Utah is famous for its sunsets...!!
I love this weather and I really like being here in October.... However, I love being in Japan in October too. Maybe for me the best month in Japan is October....It looks like I won't bet there this month but next month in November I will be back. Its a little crazy but one of my favorite foods in Japan in the fall is Oden and my favorite place to get oden is...... 7-11.  Serious!! 7-11 has great oden!!!

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