Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween is over... now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas....

Well I had a good Halloween. Had a good time. My neighborhood is CRAZY during Halloween. We have a bunch of guys and play in a live band in my neighbors garage all night. We show the NBA Jazz basketball game that night live outside and cook hot dogs, scones, popcorn and don't forget the drinks....

The whole neighborhood gathers and we have one big party out in the street. Its a good time and the kids love it. Andy and BeeBee had a good time as usual.

This is my house. I left candy outside and took this picture of the kids as they came to take candy... Decorating the house for Halloween is kind of a pain. But everyone does it and its fun.

Andy and BeeBee outside enjoying Halloween.. (We were busy cutting pumpkins into these faces...)
Neighborhood garage band.... My friends and they were not too bad... Next year I will be playing with them... I had no time to practice this year...

Garage band and street party.

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So another Halloween over... now I can start to think about shopping for Christmas..... (I don't want to think about it....)

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