Sunday, May 17, 2015


Its been a few years and many changes. I am back now online in this blog as I am back living in Japan full time. March and April have been the craziest months of my life.

I spent the last couple of months getting ready to move. I had to come to Tsukuba to find a house. Then Andrew was leaving on his mission the same time. So he is in Kyoto now for 2 years. While getting him ready I had to get ready. Crazy crazy crazy!!

So I moved back to Japan last month. However I had to return back to the US to take care of some things. So I returned back here last week and now here permanently.

So for my friends below is a quick catch up of my life this past year or so.

Andrew played tennis and became Utah State Champion 2 years in a row!! His level is very high and he is a very powerful player.

Andrew then graduated from high school.

After he graduated we went to Paris to see the French Open. We saw the finals and it was awesome as usual. This pic was just before the womens finals started.

We then went to Germany and rented a car and spent 4 days riding the romantic road. It was really nice. I also got to see some dear friends who moved to Germany.

Of course in the Summer its time to get in my motorhome and go camping. I like to go to Jackson Hole Wyoming and also Moab. I pull my jeep behind my motorhome. This is best way to travel and camp!!

I like to play so the last few summers basically included hiking, concerts, travel, and anything else thats fun..

Andrew and I hiked top of Timpanogous mountain together on his 18th Birthday!!
American Football!! At the Denver Broncos Game.

Then this past winter I was on the ski patrol again. I had to help this guy off the lift.

And now I am back in Japan.... Here is my new house and car I bought.

Its a small house compared to Utah of coarse. But I have too many now. I will still return to Utah once in a while for business and play and can stay in my house there. Also I will go to Hokkaido maybe 2 times a year and stay there. So really kind of crazy. But I am happy and being in all these places is what I like to do.

So keep in touch and check back. I will try to update. 

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