Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another night in Tsukuba,

Well I am in Tsukuba again. I come here almost every week. Sometimes I stay the night and sometimes I come and return the same day. Tonight I am staying... This hotel (Okura Epicol) is practically my second home. I have stayed here on and off for the last 7 years. I was here with my previous company.... anyway..

So I am watching the news and see that there has been a shooting in Nagoya. Some guy shot at a cop and then shot his own sons and now is in his house with his wife... CRAZY!!! I am really thinking either Nagoya is much different than anywhere else in Japan I have stayed OR Japan is really changing. Its not the nice quiet peaceful country it used to be. Since living here I have had my car broken into, my neighbors house was broken into, and now a shooting that is only like 10 minutes from my home. So anyway... kind of crazy. Not really that its big news to me. I mean living in California and Utah we get this news often... but for Japan it just kind of surprises me with all the news I hear lately. But its still much safer than the US thats for sure.

Well tomorrow is Friday. I am soooo happy. I just got to hang in there for one more day and then a break!!

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