Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its been a crazy week. I got into a little argument with my boss which got me upset. Then my car got hit and I got the estimate back at 50 man. The whole side of the body needs to be replaced... doors and all. I wasn`t hurt. I was more hurt by the things that happened with my boss than with the car. But thats life.

I was told last week I need to be staying some nights later. I said thats fine. But whats later?? I already go home around 8:00 (Sometimes 7:00). He told we it doesn`t matter the time just when the job is done... I don`t understand. OK... if the job is done at 8:00pm then it that fine?? He says no. Basically the whole argument was that he wanted me to stay some nights as late as some other employees. Thats like 10 or 11pm. I refused. I said that if the job was done there is no need for me to stay so late and work overtime just because some guys are doing it. Well.. he didn`t understand that either. He has the idea that working 15 hours a day means you are more productive. As an American of coarse I do not have that way of thinking. Working even until 8 is considered late for me...hehe. I mean in the United States we try to get off work at around 6pm. We plan and prioritize the day to be able to do that. I come to this office and its completely different than anything I have ever experienced. I have worked for Japanese companies before and nothing like this. This has got to be the most crazy office I have ever worked in. But its not all Japanese culture. I would say most of it is the management of the office. I don`t say its bad because its not. I just say its different and the thinking seems a little old.
I can sit and complain about this forever. But basically I am here for a couple years and then out. So I will just shut up and work...hehe. But I disagree with the thinking and therefore had an argument. Its funny because the people in the Japan office think the people in the American office do not work very hard. But the people in the American office think the people in the Japan office work just too much but still only get about the same amount of work done. I don`t know who is right or wrong. Of coarse I am American but I am trying to be open minded. However I feel this office needs to stop putting so much emphasis on the total amount of hours worked and just make sure the customer is satisfied. If the customer is happy then thats most important. Working long hours and finding work just to stay long hours makes no sense to me. Anyway, I know a lot of people who disagree and think thats not good enough. My take on that is that as people we need to have a balance in life. For most in my office they have no balance. They work way too much and do not have enough time to grow as individuals. To time to pursue interests and it seems to me its very unhealthy. I would rather have some "Todd Time" and make sure my life is balanced. In the end its just a job and what did we really get out of it??

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