Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday Monday Monday....Ahhh where did the time go??

I knew the last week would just fly and itdid.I had a good week back in Utah. An excellent week. I basically dideverything I wanted to do. I played a lot of tennis and ate a lot ofMexican food. Also did some shopping in between. I played some tennis andplayed against my son. I brought him a new raquet and it took him some timeto get used to it. It was an adult size and the strings were a littlestiff. But after about an hour he got used to it and basically started toplay very competitive against me. I lost our final match while I was thereand I played very serious. My serve was of coarse much stronger than hisbut his return is excellent and the power didn`t scare him. I was reallysurprised at how much he (and his hair) has grown. So it was a good weekand Utah was hot hot hot. Hotter than hell. Nagoya is hot and humid whichis terrible. But Utah is just dry heat. Nagoya feels like a steam room andUtah feels like a Sauna. The temp was around 40 degrees everyday andtypical Utah summer with no clouds in the sky at all. Nothing but blue sky.But I was comfortable in my house with central air. Thats another thing. Itwas really nice to be back home. I slept great in my bed and was just socomfortable. I really didn`t want to come back to Nagoya....hehe. It was anice break but way too short. But now I am back in Nagoya and its gettingcomfortable here too. I will never be like my home but its good enough fornow.I got back yesterday and basically was dead all day. Now back to reality....

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