Friday, December 21, 2007

Ahh yes Saturday. I needed this day! Its been a couple of tough weeks but I am still alive. I have been wanting to go back to the states for Christmas for various reasons but its not going to work out. I already had my airline ticket to Hokkaido and now its possible to even get a ticket. I am kind of down about it but I will at least try to relax at some onsen in Hokkaido and enjoy some fresh fish. So next week will be good. But my thoughts are elsewhere.

I talked with my family this morning and they all seem to be ready for Christmas. Kids are getting excited in America and companies are now basically closed for the holidays. I can`t believe its almost a year now since I moved here. Where did the time go?? If I can hang in there this next year I may actually survive.

I had a friend send me this link. I totally relate to some of these guys in the office...hehe. Well maybe not to that extent but I think we have all had times where we are ready to throw the computer out the window!! I have and sometimes I wish I could throw my boss out the window with the computer....hehe.

The collage football bowl season is now underway also. I am missing the games... My University won their game last night so thats one good sports story for me this year. I have been saying all along it was a terrible year for my teams... maybe it will end on a good note.

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