Monday, February 11, 2008

It snowed over the weekend here in Nagoya. I was really surprised to see the snow. Its the first time I have seen it snow here and it snowed all day. It gave me a good chance to just stay home, relax, and get caught up on some things. But wasn`t able to catch up on everything.

While it snowed all day Saturday, Sunday was sunny and by Sunday late afternoon it was almost all melted. So that was a quick winter..... Meanwhile, back home in Utah I hear they are having the winter from hell. I think this is the most snow they have had on record. I heard even some ski resorts had to close because of too much snow... Thats hard to believe but I guess its true. I picked a bad year to be here. I think skiing must be the best its ever been.

Anyway, once Feburary starts I am always getting ready for spring. I don`t really like the spring but like the warmer weather and being able to go outside without a coat. Especially after Valentines day. After Valentines I feel like winter is really over and spring is on its way. In another 4 weeks maybe the weather will be a little warmer and people will be a little brighter as well.... including me! But now its tax time and this year is a pain doing taxes from Japan. So once thats over I will really be ready for spring.

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