Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heading home....

Well its Tuesday night. I can`t sleep. I am heading home back to Japan tomorrow. Its been a crazy week. I have had a lot of personal things to take care of and had some hard good byes as well. A girl that has been very special in my life is gone. We were very close and she will always have a special place in my heart. It has been a little difficult on me personally. But life moves on. Now its time to go back and face my own reality again. I don`t want to get too deep here. I just have had a week of doing a lot of reflecting and looking back at some very good memories (some bad memories also). There are only a few people who have touched me so deep as to say I truely love them. Although I will miss her I am thankful for the time we shared. I will stop there.

I did work from Utah this week and it was nice for this also. I forgot how easy it is to work from the US. But like everything its time to go back. I guess I am looking forward to some good food back in Japan.

Well kind of a lame post but I will update when I get back.

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