Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is here...

Well my bonenkai is over. Its always fun to go watch guys who are so stressed out in the office and never smile become drunk and act like complete idiots. I love it. We had a bonenkai last Friday night and yes as usual for any bonenkai everyone got a little too drunk. We had 4 parties until early morning. I think it was a little more extreme than most bonenkai in Japan. But I guess there was a lot of stress this year to shake off. Still its funny to watch these guys. I swear a lot of Japanese guys turn gay when they are drunk I don`t know. But they love to hug and touch. Its crazy!! American`s just love to fight when they are drunk... who knows I guess Japanese do too.

So I survived that and tomorrow is my last day at work. Finally I can take a couple weeks off. I will spend the whole time in Hokkaido. I plan to just eat and ski. Thats it. Yaki niku, sushi, Sapporo Ramen, and ski ski ski... however it looks like I will play a little tennis also. I decided not to go back to the US this year and stay here. My parents were here earlier this year so its ok I don`t go. Plus they are headed down to Mexico now for winter. So I no one to go home to anyway. My shopping is done and everything shipped. So I am good to go. I will wake up Christmas morning and go to the airport and fly out. So an early morning for me thats for sure. But excited to see friends waiting for me.

December has just flown by. I can`t believe it. Next year is going to be hell I think. But I will get into that later.

Merry Christmas,

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