Friday, December 05, 2008

Well well well... December is here. November was a crazy but fun Month. I was busy with work but at the same time took a couple days off and went to Disneyland / Tokyo to play. I also went to Osaka and Kyoto to see the autumn leafs. Kyoto was beautiful I could not believe it!! I took some pictures.

Now the Christmas rush is on. I am doing a lot of shopping online and almost finished. Just a few more gifts and I am finally done. The big problem is the shipping costs I have to pay while living in Japan.... but nothing I can do about that. I am going to spend Christmas and New Years up in Hokkaido. So of coarse I am excited to go and eat some good food and see friends. I really need to just get a place up there. Someday.... Well I can`t wait to get my shopping done and relax the rest of the year. I also am really in the need of a break from work...

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