Sunday, September 13, 2009

I`M BACK !!!!

Its been over a month. Maybe almost 2 months since I last updated this. I can`t remember!! Wow where did summer go. Its over. I went back to Utah to my home for a couple weeks in the summer. It was an excellent trip. Its been a year since I was in my house. It was kind of strange to just go home and open my door and nothing had changed. Its nice because I really don`t need to take anything with me. I still have most of the clothes and things home so I need nothing. I just get on the plane and go home. My cars were still there and everything was good.

While home in Utah I was busy. Shopping, eating, playing and seeing old friends. The time flew. I even sold one of my cars while home. So that was good. I have too many cars!!

I went to the Utah Salt Flats. This is an area where natural salt grows on the floor of where the Great Salt Lake used to be. Its pure salt and looks like snow. Its pure what and if you tast the ground its all salt. There they have speed week. Its a week where everyone from around the world comes to try and break the land speed record with a car. Meaning they are trying to go faster than anyone. The salt flats are flat and very smooth and stretch for miles. Its a perfect place for this and very famous. Here are some pictures.

Both cars and motorcycles race for the world speed records. Cars go as fast as about 500kmh.

Then I saw this crazy old guy and had to take a picture..

When I got home there was a surprise waiting for me. It was my birthday and my family and friends had worked at my house while I was gone. I wanted a new Japanese maple in front of my house. I have a large one one one side of my front door. I wanted another one in a little area on the other side. So they came and did some surprise landscaping for me. Its a very small area but a really nice thought and I was really happy. They put a happy birthday card in the tree. So I got a tree for my birthday!! Perfect!!

It was a nice surprise. But I didn`t have time to enjoy. Just a few days and I was back in Japan. But look forward to next time. My life is now back and forth between Japan and the US. Its a little crazy and hard at times. But its how I like it. I am now to a point in my life where I can`t imagine living in just one place. I will always be back and forth. When my time in Nagoya is up I will be back and forth between the US and Hokkaido. Thats where my heart is.

My parents also had their 50th wedding anniversary while I was there. There was a huge family party. There is aroudn 60 people just in my family. I was the MC over the party. I also had made a slide show for them putting together a bunch of pictures of memories from their 50 years. It was really fun and kind of a good experience for me to do this for them. Check out their wedding picture 50 years ago!!!

Well I am now back and back to work. Its crazy as ever and look forward to getting next year over with as my life should slow down a bit after my work transfers. Its good to be back and look forward to hearing from every one!!

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