Friday, November 27, 2009


I took today off work. I decided enough is enough. I need a break. It felt so good today. It was Thanksgiving in the United States. I stayed home all morning and watched American football on TV. Then went out at noon and got some ramen. I came back and finished watching football and went for a walk. I have decided I need more Fridays like this for sure!! Beaufitul peacefull day for me. I think I got a little younger today without all the stress at the office...hehe.

The other day a friend sent me a picture of all my old neighborhood friends. When I was growing up I lived in a neighborhood that was very close. All the kids were best friends. We took this picture is just just behind my house at a park when I was a sophmore in high school. You can see me in the back in the upper right. These guys were all my best friends and we still keep in touch today. We had some good times and I can`t believe the time is gone. But thankful to still have all of them in my life.

I was so surprised when I got this picture. It brought back a lot of memories. Its funny how peoples lives ended up. Two of us live in Japan now. Two of us live in Las Vegas. A couple live back East and others are in Utah. Kind of crazy... Those were some good days...

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