Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another chance for my first love??

When I was 15 I bought my first car. It was a classic 4wd Ford Bronco. I couldn`t even drive until I was 16 but I bought it and worked on it for a year. I worked and all my money I used to update my Bronco. I put in a new engine by myself, put in new seats, new flooring, new paint and new tires. Over the years I changed my Bronco over and over again. But 5 years ago I decided to sell it. I didn`t drive it much. It was just my first love, my first girlfriend. I keep it in a garage locked up. But still, I decided I was getting tired of the old girl and sold it to a young 16 year old from California. The value of the Bronco now was fairly high. It was a classic and has a very good reputation. When I sold it, I had completed updated it again. I took the top off, the doors off, new tires, and lot of other extras. Here is a picture of it just before I sold it.

This Bronco has a lot of value with me. This is the car I drove all in high school and college. This is the car I had dates in and explored lots of areas. When I sold it people were surprised. I always said I would never sell it. But I did.

Now 5 years later, I received an email from the father who bought this for his son. He is thinking of selling it. I always wondered what happened to my girl. He sent these pictures. I was shocked!!

My girl is now red with the top and doors back on. I am not sure if I like her that way but she was still my girl. My question should I take her back?? I sometimes thought after I sold it I wish I never did. I did have some regrets. Now I have a 2nd chance to get my first love back. Its a hard decision.

After I sold that Bronco I bought a new Jeep which I now love. But its still not the same. Still, I decided this car has too much value to me. I guess I will get her back and keep my Jeep too. I can`t drive her much anyway but she is a classic and a collectible. Its going to cost me more to get her back than what I sold her for. Nothing I can do though.

So thats my story. I have only lost a couple of loves in my life. Each one I regret and the chance to get them back is just too great I guess. My garage in Utah already has 3 cars parked in it that I can`t drive. One more will be ok.... It will be nice to get her back. Now if I can get another one back I will be really satisfied!!

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