Thursday, February 21, 2013


Everyone see the grammys??? I must say there were some really good performances this year. I think better than last year. I love this time of year with the Superbowl, Grammys, and then the Oscars.. It makes for some pretty good TV.

I generally don't watch TV these days. Just the big events thats about it... but here are some of my favorite Superbowl commercials and grammy performances...

This first one is my favorite from the Superbowl....

I loved this one!! Boy has not date for prom.
Takes dads Audi and gets the courage to go kiss the prom queen.
He gets punched but it was worth it!!

 Bruno Mars and Sting.... Sting is the man!! Great Performance!!

 Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys!! I love her!!!

Last one I love. This is one of my favorite songs which I could get drunk to.
A great drinking song..!!
I must admit I love Neyla Pekarek!!

 So that about catches up on some of the events around here.... I watch the superbowl and grammys so you don't have to!!

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