Monday, March 12, 2007

Well well well......

Well its Monday night. Glad to have this day over. Not to bad of a day. Just a little long. I think I am finally getting used to this schedule and starting to understand a little about exactly what I am supposed to be doing here. Its been kind of a rough few weeks. Starting any new responsibility at any new office is tough. Funny thing is that its the same company but the atmosphere at this office is very different than my office in the United States. But I think there are very good things and not so good things about both offices.

Today I had oden for lunch. Its been a long time since I had oden. When I lived in Otaru I used to have oden all the time. It was so good. I decided thats what I will have tomorrow too...hehe... and of coarse a diet coke and some chocolate. No day is complete without chocolate.

Well the day is over... ahhh... time to relax. I would love to have the ball in the video above in my office. I wonder if anyone would notice.... This video is from my favorite tv show called "The Office". I miss that show but will try to watch it online or at least get the DVDs while I am here in Japan. If you have a chance you should check it out. Its a little different than the average tv drama but very interesting. Especially if you work in an office!!

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