Sunday, March 04, 2007

I know its only March but yesterday was Christmas for me and the NTT guy who came to my house to set up my internet was just like Santa Clause. Its been forever!!! I can`t believe how long it took. I have tried to keep up with emails from my cell phone and work internet. But its been impossible.

I have been here in Nagoya for a little over 3 weeks now. My job has been killing me and the business Japanese is really really stressing my out. So I have picked up the books again and decided I needed to take another step up with my Japanese as quick as possible. I am surprised how little English many of my contacts here speak. Even though we all work in a global environment they speak little or very poor English and basically want me to speak Japanese. That is fine. I mean this is Japan so its my responsibility. But when they call the US or Europe its their responsibility. I am just surprised at the low level of English from many people who spend half of their time speaking to people other than Japanese. But its difficult. I completely understand. The hours are killing me too. I think I am basically used to this schedule now. But the first couple of weeks killed me. Some people in my office would just live there all day and night if they could. I think they really want to go home at a good time the office culture and politics puts pressure on them to stay. I saw this at Sumitomo when I worked there. It sucks!

Anyway, I guess I am used it all this now and my schedule isn`t too bad. It could be worse. The food of coarse is good and Nagoya is warm compared to Utah. So thats good. All in all its been good and busy. The last 3 weeks I had to go shopping for furniture, shopping for a car, shopping for things for my house like TV, fridge, computer, sofa, table, heaters, bed, and all these things that are needed to at least be comfortable. So I am finally feeling comfortable now and ready to really settle in and learn as much as I can for the next few years.

Well its Sunday night. The worst time of the week for me. But I got to watch K-1 so my night is complete. I was happy to watch that. Its been a long time.

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