Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where is NTT???!!!???

So I learned that NTT now can't set up my internet until the end of the month!!! :(

I can not believe it!!! I am unable to check emails at my personal acccount from work. So I need to go to an internet cafe and get caught up. For everyone who has emailed me sorry!!! I am dis-connected!!!

I will have a normal life possibly at the end of next week. I am expecting NTT to finish a couple days early. It seems they had a big campain to get new subcribers here in Nagoya and now are very behind schedule.

Other than that the weather here is much nicer than Salt Lake. Work is crazy trying to get to know everyone and speaking Japanese all day is wearing me out. The more I speak the more I realize I don't know. I need to study my business language more. I know many people studying English who feel the same way. SO LET'S HANG IN THERE TOGETHER!!!!

Well... I am at work.. I found a way to hack into my blog which makes me happy. I can't believe how bad it sucks to not have internet access from home.

I will be getting back to all of you shortly and try to post a message on my homepage.

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