Sunday, March 25, 2007


I went to a Japanese professional baseball game today. The Chunichi Dragons vs. the Bay Stars. Score was 5-0 and the Dragons won.

It was a good game and VERY interesting compared to the major league in the United States. A few things I found to be different.

- Japanese fans continue to cheer during the while game. It sounded like there were basically 3 songs or cheers they did. I couldn't`t believe it was during the whole game. In the United States usually its quiet until a big play happens. However, there are songs and cheers we do as well. But its not every minute of the game.... So maybe tonight I am going to still hear these cheers during my sleep.

- Americans drink more beer at baseball games. I saw a lot of beer. BUT the drinks in the US are bigger and it seems people at games in the US drink a lot more beer....hehe.

- The Nagoya dome was really clean!! The last major league game I went to was the New York Yankees last year in August. People eat a lot of peanuts at games in the US. The floor is usually dirty with peanut shells and beer.

- Between innings there really wasn`t a lot going on at the game today. Usually in the US between innings there are songs for the fans and quick competitions for fans on the field. Its fun to watch. But today at Nagoya it was basically just baseball. So while the fans at Nagoya cheer and cheer for their team... I feel that the fans in the US are being more entertained by different things.

Anyway, it was fun and I had a good time. I guess I will go again when I get a chance. I like watching sports. Any sports is almost good for me. I like to watch anything with a ball...hehe.

Well its Sunday night. I do not want to go to work tomorrow. But life goes on. I have to just hang in there. I guess many people feel the same way on Sunday nights...

Good night,

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