Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ahhhh Thursday afternoon…. Some people may be asking why I am blogging on Thursday afternoon… well good question. Just taking a quick break from life. I found myself starting to almost fall asleep at my desk. Its been a very quiet day and I have no huge fires going on right now. Just a few small ones here and there. But today I got involved into some other things during lunch so I worked thru lunch. So now I am just taking a break!!

I got some terrible news yesterday a dear friend has passed away. I am shocked. He was hunting in the mountains and got hit by lightning. It was very sudden. It just breaks my heart. He has a wife and 3 children. So it got me thinking about how precious this time really is. The death of a friend or family always get you thinking deep. But this really is such a tragedy and I have been thinking the last couple days about this. It makes me homesick too !!!

Then I hear about a stabbing death of a little 7 year old girl here in Japan. She was stabbed in the chest and stomach. I can’t believe it. What is going on in the world that people are stabbing little children. I wish I could have 10 minutes in a room with the guy who did this. If there ever was a case to support the death penalty its now. I can’t believe we have such sick people walking around the streets. I also can’t believe the amount of violent crimes held against innocent children in Japan. I hear so much of this news it makes me sick. Why here? I feel like I hear more of this in Japan than in the United States. I am sure it happens everywhere. But it seems to be on the news a lot here. Still I know there are sick people in every country. It just depresses me a little.

Well enough of the dark stuff….. the weather is nice and fall food is awesome!! I am eating oden from 7/11 almost once a week now….hehe.

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