Sunday, October 12, 2008

Incredible!! Its October 13th... its been a while since I updated this. The past 3 weeks have been a circus for me. Work has been crazy and my personal life just as crazy. But now things are calmed down a little. I voted for the US president today. The election has been going for so long. I will be really happy to have it over with. So many ask who I voted for??? Well its personal. Let`s just say I supported the Guy who has a big "O"at the beginning of his last name. Yes thats right I did vote for Obama. The United States is so messed up right now I am not really sure any one person who acts as president can hope to fix everything. It took Bush 8 years to mess everything up so I guess it will take at least 8 years to get back to feeling good again. Who knows??? But I think Obama is a little more fresh and has a little more energy combined with some decent plans to get things going in the right path. Basically anyone but Bush. McCain would not be as bad. I just think Obama is better. So this is who I voted for. I have to vote early because I am on absentee ballot.
On other news..... I heard from my office in the United States they were thinking of pulling me back there next year. They need me to come back and work on some issues. As the whole Automotive industry is doing terrible. So it looks like my stay in Nagoya may be coming to an end in a few months. I am a little torn. On one hand... I am tired of the hours and work environment here. On the other... I really love living in Japan. But my life has always been back and forth. So its not a good-bye and I expect I will be back possible in Nagoya in a few years. But still will be taking my summer vacations up in Hokkaido. So it looks like I need to quickly buy a condo in Sapporo so I have a place to take my summers and some winters....hehe.
Football season started and its the baseball playoffs. Basketball starts in a couple of week.s I always say October has the best weather, best food, and best sports!!

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