Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nozomi 100.... Its my ride every Wednesday morning. The bullet train from Nagoya to Tokyo. I get on this thing almost every Wednesday at 7:15am... Then sometimes on the Fresh Hitachi at 9:30 am to Tsuchiura.... Wednesdays are crazy for me.

So now I sit on the Fresh Hitachi listening to some good music typing this blog. The weather is excellent here still much better than Nagoya. The air is a little cool and crisp. Love fall!!

Last week I did a hike in Mie. It was a good one that took all day. I was dead when I got home but felt great. From the top of the mountains I could see Nagoya and the ocean. Also ran into some monkeys along the way. Next weekend its the North Alpst. I have been studying this for a few weeks now. The area has a lot of trekking trails. So I am going to hit it this weekend and also go back next weekend. The autumn leaves are out there and its going to get cold. So I think I only have the next couple of weeks.

So I guess my life lately has been work on the weekdays and hike on the weekends... Japan has a lot of beautiful country. So I guess I want to get out and see as much as possible. Tennis has taken a back seat for me the last month. Next month I will be back at it. Andy of coarse is still playing daily and getting ready for a tournament here in Aiichi. He gets frustrated playing in Japanese tournaments but its good for him because the play seems a little different here. So life is busy and the scenery is beautiful!!!

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