Saturday, October 23, 2010

ahhh sunday... Its been a crazy 2 days. I had 8 boys sleep over at my house on Friday night. Andy and a bunch of friends. I decided to be the cool dad and take them all bowling and pick up a bunch of food for them. We then came back and they watched movies and played video games until 4am... THEN... we had to get up at 6am to be at a baseball game at 7am... So the team played with only a coupld hours of sleep. I am sure the could loved that!! hehe. But it wore me out. Yesterday I basically just layed around and slept on and off. Watched a couple of movies and ended up being a couch potatoe. But I needed that I guess. I watched the movies Fanboyz and also The rocker. Both good shows and had me laughing. But both of them are actually so stupid they are funny.

Today is finally Sunday. I am still a little dead. Its been a while since I was a teenager. When I was in high school I was up all night on the weekends. I hit the partys and had a good time. Andy now at that age makes me feel I have really become an old man...hehe. But hey I still like to party and my son and his friends think I am still young and cool. At least I have them believing...hehe. We were bowling and they were all looking at the girls. They would ask me if I though this girl was cute or that girl was cute. I told them I could not say. But I know they all have good taste..hehe. Well time for some more sleep...

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