Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wow November is coming to an end... the time flew. I have been away on business and play. Its been a very busy month so far.

We went to the see the snow monkeys in Nagano a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of fun to watch the wild monkeys. I have seen this place on National Geographic but always wanted to go see for myself. So we did. There were monkeys everywhere. Lots of little babies too. Kind of cute.

This past weekend I drove up to Fukushima. Its been 13 years since I have been there. I met some friends and enjoyed the weekend. Lots of good food in Fukushima. Spent the night at a nice hot spring hotel and just really was able to relax. Kind of a long drive though. Almost 7 hours after passing thru Tokyo. But a fun drive and good times.... Pics coming soon...

Autumn in Japan really is the best time to be here. I love the weather and food. Its really just beautiful. This weekend its off to Kyoto. It should be beautiful. I think fall is basically over now and winter is getting here fast. Today back in Utah was a major blizzard. I don`t miss that weather but I do miss the skiing...

Well its been a fast month for sure. I am ready for the New Years... let`s party!!

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