Monday, December 06, 2010

And suddenly all hell breaks loose...

So I was having a great autumn. I went to a lot of places and really
enjoyed the whole autumn atmosphere. Then all of a sudden all hell breaks
loose. Last week my eyes were infected with something. It appears I had an
allergic reaction which happens once in a while. actually its been a long
time since I really had something like this. My eyes became really red and
swollen. It got so bad last Wednesday I couldn`t even open them and ended
up taking the day off. Then the following day they were really bad and I
took that day off too. By Saturday morning my eyes were a little better.
Still very red. I look like a zombie or something. But then as I thought
this may finally heal, I got thrown into a migraine.

I used to get migraine headaches a lot growing up. Sometimes they are so
bad that I need to be alone in a dark room with really no sound. I had some
special treatment done about 10 years ago. From that my migraines basically
stopped and I had been almost migraine free. But then all of a sudden on
Saturday BOOM... I was hit. Its been a long time but I felt it coming and
knew what it was. So I ended up in bed all weekend with a very bad
migraine. Then on top of that I caught a cold and so while I have really
red sore eyes and a killer headache, I also now have a really bad sore
throat and basically I just feel so weak right now. Crazy right??

So I spent the whole weekend just dying in bed....but luckily I always have
drugs on me and that helped. Today is Monday. I woke up and went to the
doctors office to get checked out. My doctor was surprised at everything I
have. But he is telling me he thinks some of this may be related to stress.
I don`t know. I don`t feel to stressed but you never know. Still, I ended
up getting like 8 different kids of pills and some eye drops. Really crazy.
I am looking at all these pills thinking I can`t believe I need to take all
of these. But hopefully they will get me back to normal. I need to get back
to normal fast. Andy is headed to Florida this next weekend for a tennis
tournament. I can`t go but my parents will meet him there and support him.
I will get to watch him from the internet. So anyway crazy how things

Before my hell started I did enjoy some good places in Kyoto again. I went
to 2 places I have never been. The autumn leafs were just beautiful. Some
pics are below. So anyway fall is over and winter is here!! I am ready to
do some skiing this winter in Hokkaido. I will be ready to go after I get
Always a traffic Jam on a Saturday morning..... I had lots of time to sit in the car and take this picture....
I love Japanese Maples!!

Andy took a picture of me just as I was going to take one of him...



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