Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fuji Rock Festival!!

I am ready to rock with about 40 thousand Japanese hippies. Its the Fuji Rock Festival !! 3 days of music, hippies, and drinks. Well its not that bad. But a great time to get out of Nagoya.

Tomorrow is Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World and Big Audio Dynamite!! I am stoked!!

Coldplay has a new album coming out. The new single was released and its awesome!! I have linked it below. This band just makes great music... makes you want to get up and jump around..

On other news... Andy is back in America. School is out in Japan. He is old enough now to start high school back in the states and that is where he has decided he wants to go. So he left last week. We spent out last weekend in Tokyo. He wanted to stay at a capsule hotel. He has never stayed in one and wanted to try it out. So I took him to Tokyo and we stayed near Ueno. Then we hit all his places for his final shopping Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, Okachimachi, Akihabara, and finally Shinjuku. It was a busy couple of days. But he got all the stuff he wanted and I put him on a plane back to America. This Dad is sad to see him go. But the good news!!! I am going back. I have worked it out I can go back and live in America for a couple years at least until Andy is out of high school. So I will be heading back to be with him possibly in October. I am going back next week but only for a couple of weeks. Then its back here. Actually the next 3 years I am going to be between Japan, China, Brazil, and the US. So my life will be a little crazy. But I will basically live in the US and here in Japan. So its kind of an exciting time and I am happy Andy can go back to the US. Thanks to his mom who agreed to let him!! Anyway, as we were getting ready to leave Tokyo we met Bob Sapp at the Tokyo Station. Here are some pics...

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