Thursday, September 01, 2011

Oh my gosh....!! Its August... well now September... where does the time go??

I spent some more time in China then was back in the US for a couple of weeks. Now back in Japan... so I am a little tired. I returned last week but I have been so tired everynight I haven`t even had the energy to turn on the computer. I guess I was just too busy going places. Finally tonight I am feeling like the old Todd...

Well I will transfer back to America in November... pretty crazy. It will not be permanent. I will return back here to Japan in a couple of years. I will keep coming back many times during the years too on business. But will just live in the US now and not Japan for maybe 3 years. Long enough to get Andy out of high school. Its his important time now and he was able to go back to America. So he was so excited to start American High school.

I took him to the first day of school. I picked him up when it was over. I asked him how it was and he told me, "Just like a movie..." I don`t know if thats good or bad but kind of funny. Now he is in the US doing tennis 50% of the time and School the other 50%. A busy kid. I guess we are all busy.

The weather in the states was really nice. Back in Nagoya it sucks... more heat, wet air... I hate Nagoya summers... Well I will post later...

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