Saturday, December 15, 2012

My heart goes out to those in the US that were affected by that horrible shooting in Connecticut. I was leaving work early in the afternoon yesterday when I heard the news. My heart stopped for a moment when I heard they had confirmed a whole class if kindergarten was shot and killed. Some tears came to my eye. I can't even imagine or may I don't want to imagine what happened in that school yesterday. No matter where or who you are it just makes you want to go home and hug your kids and tell them you love them.

About 11 years ago I made the decision to put my son first in my life no matter what. I was in some difficult times and I decided none of my issues belonged to him. In fact, he was getting stress and heartbreak because of my personal issues. It hit me one day and I realized as my son, he is a part of me. If he isn't happy, I could never be happy. I changed everything I could to bring him with me in life and give him all my love and support I could as his father. I made it my goal to give him a hug everyday and tell him I love him. I have done that everyday. Today he is 16. He is a teenager and not a child anymore. In fact he is as big as me. But we still tell each other "I love you" and we still give each other a hug everyday. Its a smaller hug these days since he is a young man. But the love and respect is there. I wish all parents can make sure their kids know that they love them and they would do anything for them. I have learned that love is communicated many different ways in different countries. In Japan you don't necessarily say "I love you" so much. But you can support and can have open communication with your kids. Don't put your work before your kids. Spend time with them and help them understand life and the world and yes give them hugs. This is love... I am so thankful for the time and relationship I have with my son. I appreciate much more today after this tragic news...

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