Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter...

Well its Easter. Actually Easter is over because it is now past midnight. So Monday morning. I am in Indiana this week on a business trip. This trip was kind of good timing because I got to America last Thursday. I had a meeting in Utah. Then I took my toys and went to Moab Utah for the annual Jeep Safari that I go to. My whole family and some friends were there. So it was really good to see them and the weather was EXCELLENT!!! I got a sun burn!! But now I am in Indiana. I have a meeting here tomorrow and then I drive 5 hours to Kentucky for another important meeting on Tuesday. Then finally I can go back home to Japan on Wednesday morning!!! I am ready to go back. It was hard to say goodbye to my family and friends again. Especially my mom. But life goes on. Anyway, its nice to be here for meetings in English. I don`t have to worry about whether or not I fully understand what is being said. So a nice break from my Japan office anyway. But I will be back there on Friday. Driving to my old office last week I thought about how easy my life was in the US. Everyone goes home at a good time. People seem to really enjoy working and there is a lot of small talk in the office. This would be considered lazy and wrong in my office in Japan. So its tough. I feel like everyone in my Japan office works in a bubble. Not much small talk. Everyone is really quiet and not a lot of joking. So very very different. But I will just hang in there and try not to forget who I am...hehe.

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