Monday, April 30, 2007


I drove to Hiroshima late Thursday night and spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there. It was my first time in Hiroshima. I first went to Miyajima and spend about the whole day there walking around and hiking in the hills on the island. It was excellent weather and the scenery was spectacular!! I really loved it there and would like to go back and hike around again.
The following day I went to Kure. This is the city that the famous WWII battle ship Yamato was build. I visited the museum in Kure and learned about the WWII history there. It really surprised me to learn all that happened in that little city during the war. I was very interesting and I was there half the day just looking and reading everything.
After that I went to downtown Hiroshima to the atomic dome, peace park, and the atomic bombing museum. That was incredible and really got me thinking about all that happened. I felt really bad as I read all the stories of children who were killed after the the atomic bomb was dropped. It really was a power museum with a powerful message of peace.

Hiroshima was one of the most beautiful cities I have seen in Japan. I really enjoyed it and in a way kind of felt like Sapporo. The weather was excellent and well worth the 6 hour drive. I want to do it again sometime. You can see some pictures from the slide show.

Well the rest of this week is Golden Week. I am going to stay home and relax and watch some movies. I am soooooooo glad I have this week off. I really need this time off right now.

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