Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Night....

Sunday nights are my least favorite time of the week. But tonight I don't feel too stressed because at least I know its a little shorter week and next week is a holiday. But I have tons to do before Friday.

I am watching the mens finals of the Monte-Carlo Tennis Championship. Nadal and Federer... Its a great match and Nadal is winning so far so I am happy. He is my favorite player right now. My 2 favorite tennis players are not from the United States. Today I went window shopping at a sports store and looked at tennis stuff. I am kind of bummed because I don't have a lot of time to play while living and working in Japan. On Saturday when I do have time all the courts around here are reserved. So I need to find some tennis buddies who can let me play with them. I will sooner or later.

On a different subject,,,,, I have had a lot of people last week ask me about my feelings on guns. The news about the shootings at Virgina Tech. last week was absolutely terrible. I was shocked as was everyone else. Its a difficult situation. To be honest I do own a few guns. I have not shot a gun in a while but I do own some. Many people own guns for personal protection. I guess that my be why I have some. But really thats a very sad statement. I wish there were no guns. But unfortunately there are. Its impossible to change the laws in the United States. It is a right of freedom for Americans. However, I wish they would make the laws much stricter and do better background checks on people buying guns. Actually I have no ideas on how to solve this problem. The only idea I have is the stop the problem before it happens. That means for parents to be more involved with their kids. For teachers and civic leaders to take quicker action and reach out to those who do show potential problems. But I do believe it starts in the home. Parents need to do a better job teaching children respect, patience, love, and service. I really think those values are being lost. Anway, thats m opinion. Not much of an opinion but its what I believe. My heart really goes out to those families.

Well I better finish watching this match...

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