Monday, November 05, 2007


Well October is gone and already November. Still love the weather here in Nagoya this time of year. Really beautiful!! I was looking around itunes last night and found a new album from a band I really loved in high school. The group is called "The Church". I couldn`t believe it. I listened to a few of the new songs and was sold. It really brought me back like 20 years. I can`t believe how time flies. I looked at the picture of the band and they are so much older now. It really made me feel old. I haven`t heard anything from them in maybe 15 years. But their sound was amazing. They sounded just like I remember them and the new album was awesome!! I ended up downloading the songs. So I spent the night listening to them and kind of just relaxing.

I have had a cold for over a week now. I have tried to hold off going to any doctor but its getting worse. So I may end up going tomorrow morning if I feel the same. I think I kind of have a week immune system or something because when I get sick I always get pretty sick and usually take longer than a lot of people to get back on top. Anyway I am still alive. Just some serious congestion and headaches.

Well the Dragons pulled it out and won. I was happy. Finally a team I am cheering for is winning. This is a bad year for my sports teams.... Did I say that already?? Well its true! Next year is only 2 months away... I hope its a better year for my teams.

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