Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. I will spend the holiday traveling to Tsukuba and attending meetings. It doesn`t bother me. Thanksgiving is a holiday where family members try to get together to enjoy a traditional thanksgiving meal. We reflect on family and blessings in our lives. Then we watch football...hehe. But its a good day to relax, overeat, and relax some more.
Yesterday a colleague who works with me told me he didn`t understand why American`s eat turkey on thanksgiving and he didn`t think turkey would even taste good. I tried to explain the tradition behind turkey but he refused to try and understand. To him it was just another commercial holiday. So it kind of upset me to think that here is a guy from Japan who is telling me from America that our holiday makes no sense and we should change it. I almost wanted to punch him! Then he had the nerve to start talking about Christmas in Japan.... don`t even start there... I am seeing Christmas things all over Japan now. I think its cool. But I also think Christmas is kind of hollow here. I mean Japan really has the commercial aspect of Christmas down. I see sales, and Christmas trees, and Santa`s all over. But it will never really capture the true feeling of Christmas that Western Countries (Christian Countries) have. It just can`t. But it can do what its good at and commercialize it and give a boost to the economy. But really the holiday has no meaning here. So my colleague who started trying to tell me about Christmas really started to get under my skin. I looked at him and told him to shut-up because he had no idea what he was talking about and I left the room. Hum.... I guess it was too direct to say but give me a break! Him trying to tell me what Christmas is about is like me trying to tell him what obon is about. Our perceptions just can`t capture the real meaning or spirit behind the holiday. Anyway... enough of that... I have calmed down now....hehe.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone and if turkey sounds bad and you can`t understand why American`s would even eat it then go to KFC or McDonald's. Have a coke and a smile!

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