Thursday, November 30, 2006


It's Thursday night and I am in Detroit. I have some meetings here this week. I don't really like Detroit. Its a dirty city and not safe. But I also don't like this place because everytime I come here its for very tough and stressful meetings. So I am always looking forward to going home.

Tomorrow morning I have some tough meetings and then I am finished and can fly home. Its cold here and tomorrow will be windy with snow. Now I am just sitting in my hotel room wishing I was home and relaxing... but the weekend is almost here.

Tomorrow is the first day of December. I can't believe November is over. Where did it go?? Just a little over 3 weeks until Christmas. I think most of my shopping is done. I just need to pick-up a few more gifts and I am done. Usually I am not done until just a few days before Christmas but this year I am doing good.

Well tomorrow is Friday and I get to sleep in my own bed.....

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