Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dead Tired!!

Well its Tuesday night. I am in my hotel room at the Marriott Hotel at Nagoya Station. I am dead tired. I have spent the last two days looking for a place to live and trying to arrange many things for me to move here next month. I have been all over this city the last couple days but finally found a place to live. I also found a tennis club which is good...hehe. I also had to go to my office today and have a meeting early tomorrow morning. So it has become a busy trip. I am ready to go home to Utah.

One thing I have noticed about Nagoya is that there seems to be a lot of police everywhere. In the other cities I have lived or visited in Japan I can't remember seeing so many police all over. This city is full of police. I guess that is a good thing. Maybe its just me but it really feels like there are cops everywhere. The weather has been really nice. Cold but sunny and nice. Tomorrow is my last day here. Its kind of a free day. I do not have any plans. So I will just wander around the city looking for places to shop and eat. Basically just go window shopping and sight seeing. Then Thursday I am finally going back home. Its been a good trip but I am always happy to go home. Home is where my heart is.

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