Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello Nagoya,,,,

Well its almost 6:00am. I have been up since about 4:00. I got here to Nagoya last night at around 10:30pm and couldn't sleep. The first night is always the worst.

So I am in Nagoya this week looking for a place to live. My company has transferred me. I will move here around the middle of next month. Am I happy about this???? Not really. I am happy to be in Japan but I know the working conditions and customs are very much different than the United States. I understand what I need to do here and so I understand it will be a little difficult. But I am happy to live here and learn more during the next few years. Also... eat good food!!!!! hehe.

So today I will go house hunting. If I can find a place to live today I will go to my office tomorrow and tell everyone hello (just for a minute). Then I will go check out a tennis club and start to prepare for all the things I need to live here.... (need a tv of coarse...hehe)

I will be here until Thursday and then return to Utah to hopefully relax and enjoy the Christmas holidays there. Then after New Years its back on a plane to Nagoya....

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