Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve...

Well its new years eve. I can't believe Christmas is over and the holidays are almost over here in the US. Time flew but it was good. I had a good Christmas and holidays. I went skiing and saw a few movies. I even played some tennis outside when the temperature was 0c. So all in all good.

Today I will go to church and tonight I will just spend the night watching tv and maybe a dvd or two. I just went an picked a couple up. Really nothing special. Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday. So I don't really want to do anything. Tomorrow is the college football national championship. So I will watch that and just relax and try to prepare myself to return to work... YUCK!!

We haven't had a good snow storm in over a week now. Maybe this winter is going to be a little mild. The mountains are getting lots of snow but not the valley. I guess thats good. I can still play tennis outside.

I have to start getting ready to move to Japan also. I have many things to do for my house here. I am putting in some security lights this week. Then I need to figure out what things I need to pack and start shipping my stuff.

It should be a crazy January and an even crazier 2007.

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