Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot hot hot!!!

Wow its getting hot and wet!!! I am not liking this weather at all!!! I hate humid weather. I guess I am too used to the West Coast. I hear its only going to get worse also. Everyone is telling me Nagoya summers are really hot and wet. Hot?? ok ... but wet?? Thats no good !!

So tonight I am home eating ice cream with my air conditioners going. I am watching Wimbledon live on my computer and watching K-1 on the tv at the same time. So my eyes are really busy... Anyway... Its a great 2 weeks for tennis and I am happy Winbledon is finally here. I am kind of sad because I was planning to go there this year and watch it but ended up getting transferred here to Japan. Its impossible to take time off away from Obon and Shougatsu so I am stuck here!! That sucks but in a couple years when I am finished here I guess I will go. Anyway... its Thursday night and tomorrow is Friday my favorite day!!! So I think I can hang in there for one more day this week!! As long as I don`t melt I will be ok.

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